President Message

We will promote an open, honest, and participatory administration where mutual trust is earned. We will endeavour to decentralize authority and empower our departments, faculty, and staff so that decisions can be made by those closest to the point of focus. Authority and responsibility will be coupled. We will endeavor to align the goals of the University, College, Departments, and Faculty. Our reward system will be consistent with the mission and goals of our institution. We will create an environment where faculty and staff are encouraged to continue to develop as professionals. Administrators in the college will supply leadership at all levels of technical education, both inside the College and outside in the large context of our professions. We will embrace diversity and global perspectives in technical education.

The engineering profession produces much of the world which we live in. from buildings to automobiles, from roads to television, from spacecraft to electricity supply, and from clean water supplies to computers, the results of engineering are everywhere. At KITM, we believe it’s just as important to nature the creative side of engineering.

I extend a very warm welcome to all the students who wish to join KITM from forthcoming academic session. I assure all of you that you will be fully equipped with state- of-art theoretical knowledge, innovative and creative practical skills and entrepreneurial attitudes to achieve a brilliant success in life.

Vinod Sangwan
Karnal Group of Institutions